When I discuss politics, news, or ideology with others. In my mind, there always lingers one simple question, “How does this make your life better?”

This question is important because most people do not examine their lives in real time. They are either too busy or too focused on getting some basic life need or contently distracted by all of the things provided to do exactly that. Without examination, most people will not realize how failing to ask that question of themself means failing to notice all the things in life that are preventing you from improving your material conditions.

Are you blindly following the powers that be or are you working toward an improved life?

Join me for the journey.

A quick note for readers. I am not a trained journalist. I am a reader. I am a researcher. I am curious. I do my best to communicate, but I am not great at it, so this site will not likely be updated regularly, but I’m working on it.

Currently Happening

7/8 – The continued genocide of the Palestinian people is an ongoing story. It is difficult to find accurate reporting, but below are two resources I find useful:
Al Jazeera

Story to Watch

A 13-year-old child was killed by Utica police at the end of June after being stopped for a pedestrian infraction with the attempt to “stop and frisk”.

 Read the full story from Syracuse.com

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