Mind Your Volunteers

Mind Your Volunteers began with the intent to improve the overall experience of volunteers who donate their time within nonprofit organizations.

In our experience, organizations work diligently to enlist volunteers in an effort to keep a surplus of people they can call “volunteers”. The focus, usually, is on gathering emails, subscribes, likes, and followers. So many organizations are great at enticing volunteers to sign up, but fail to make the necessary effort in order to keep them engaged and productively working within the organization.

Our goal was to assist organizations to initiate and maintain a healthy volunteer cycle that will allow people to productively and positively work toward a shared mission.

Unfortunately, we had difficulty fundraising and getting enough organizations to buy into our systems. As such, we opted to close our donation button but will continue to make the information we provided available to anyone with an interest.

The Volunteer Cycle goes beyond initial signups.

A healthy volunteer cycle will ensure that those giving freely of their time are engaged in appropriate activities that suite their experience and knowledge base – or which provides a newly sought skill or ability. This type of engagement will prevent high turn over within your organization.

That said, all volunteer communities have an ebb and flow of exiting and onboarding of members. Therefore a truly healthy cycle has a built in means to restart whenever a new member joins.

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Current Status

Mind Your Volunteers applied for federal tax exemption status on October 4, 2021.

Mind Your Volunteers received approval of our tax exempt status on January 3, 2022. A copy of that approval is available here. We intend to maintain our status as long as possible in the event we are able to return to providing services to organizations.

Please submit any questions or requests for additional information to [email protected].

Surveys for Data Collection

We remain committed to compiling data from nonprofit organizations and volunteers nationwide.

If you are interested in providing data on behalf of your organization, simply complete the organization survey or follow this link: https://forms.gle/927ERMQBMSW1Ucfz5.

If you are interested in providing data regarding your volunteer experience, simply complete the volunteer survey or follow this link: https://forms.gle/EEF9RP2msfV9XgYz6.

Participants in our survey will remain anonymous.

Sample Surveys

The following surveys were created in order to assist organizations with understanding more about their volunteer community. We welcome anyone to utilize them within their organizations. Please make a copy of the form before distribution.

Volunteer Temperature Check to be used to check in with volunteers on a regular/semi-regular basis.

Volunteer Exit Questionnaire to be used to determine why volunteers have left the organization.